The People in Dairy

Getting the people management part of a dairy farm sorted and keeping it up to date can be a sizeable task, especially if you are starting from scratch. 

The Employment Starter Kit (ESKi) provides easy access to the information & documents you need to start employing someone. As well as accessing the ESKi online, you can order a folder.

 Keep your ESKi folder up to date: updates are listed below & sent via email.

Download: July 2016 ESKi update 
- inc. pay rates from 1 July 2016 and read our 
quick overview of updates across this site. Also check your version of the Pastoral Award 2010 
(print double sided) - page 1 has 21 June 2016 in the first sentence.

If you downloaded the ESKi update prior to 12 August 2016, there have been Annual Leave updates to the Pastoral Award 2010. Download: ESKi Leave pg1-2 (July2016). Note; these are included in the July 2016 ESKi update

Don't know where to start?
Rights and responsibilities
Minimum entitlements
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Probation & retaining
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Pay rates
Rosters & record keeping
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Annual and personal leave
Long service entitlements
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Individual flexibility agreement
Better off overall test (BOOT)
Flat pay rates
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Dismissal & redundancy
Notice periods
Employee separation
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Injury and incident register
Safety tips & risk
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Legal obligations
Hours of work
Public holidays
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